bunny mask.

I really want this...

maybe for Halloween?

also the maker of this mask, Tom Banwell, is my dream man. here is his profile :

My wife Jill and I live in Penn Valley, California in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It’s a rural area and I have my studio under the house. I get to enjoy watching the deer and other wildlife traipse by my window, which provides a relaxing atmosphere in which to be creative.

When not doing art (or working), I like to garden and cook (and eat) fine food.


i wish he wasn't married!


  1. wait what about your main squeeze?! are you pushing him aside for the bunny-mask guy?

    (by the way i dig the mask in theory)

  2. That's a crazy mask. I've been looking for masks to use for photography shoots, I never thought of checking on Etsy! THanks for sharing.