i forgot how much i loved this show!
Dolce and Gabbana S/S 2007

i love the swinging ponytails! this collection had such power and attitude. my favorite dress is the one jessica stam is wearing...perfection.


flowers in her hair.

these headbands are so beautiful!

from: http://www.shopbando.com/


the best.

kate lanphear.

from: http://jakandjil.com/blog/


cute commercials

some commercials i like:


marie antoinette.

I finally watched Marie Antoinette, and I loved it!

I loved all the scenes at Petit Trianon. It was so airy and natural, definitely reminded me of "The Virgin Suicides." This movie was very visually satisfying. Of course I loved seeing all of the pastel fabrics and colors, the macarons, the cakes, the make-up, the shoes; it was a girly film, but that's why I loved it!


i wish they all could be california girls.

"Nan" from http://myparentswereawesome.tumblr.com/


pony girl.

i have to admit, i love these pony fetish inspired heels:

(A.F. Vandevorst Fall 09)

these are more extreme (but i still love them)


i think my love for these shoes has something to do with the centaurs being my favorite in Fantasia

bunny mask.

I really want this...

maybe for Halloween?

also the maker of this mask, Tom Banwell, is my dream man. here is his profile :

My wife Jill and I live in Penn Valley, California in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. It’s a rural area and I have my studio under the house. I get to enjoy watching the deer and other wildlife traipse by my window, which provides a relaxing atmosphere in which to be creative.

When not doing art (or working), I like to garden and cook (and eat) fine food.


i wish he wasn't married!



i would definitely dress like this everyday if i could.

ella haberlach / seelenkleid / summerspring 2010

found on http://www.dirtyflaws.com/


i have been on the search for a new pair of glasses.
i love these wooden frames by urban spectacles (http://www.urbanspectacles.com/home.htm)

unfortunately too much $$$

one day....


wristcutters: a love story

i'm watching this right now.

shannyn sossamon is so beautiful.

Day off!

I have a day off from work today, yay!

I'm planning on starting some DIY's that I've been meaning to do.

First a turban headband/ear warmer. I can't seem to find a hat I like this year, so I decided to try this.

I want to make it out of a warm knit or fleece fabric, so first I'm going to salvation army to see if I can just repurpose an old sweater or something. However, I'll probably end up taking a trip to the fabric store to buy studs for my next project....

studded headband!
I'll probably use flat studs so that it doesn't look so spike-y.

so hopefully I can accomplish both projects today, I will post pictures when I finish!


new year

one of my resolutions for the new year was to start a blog.

here are some of my other goals:

1. sew and make more
2. read more
3. start riding my bike again
4. take more pictures
5. be positive!
6. cook more

i plan to use this blog mostly for posting things that i like. it will mostly be about fashion and art, probably some outfit posts or posts about my life, and probably lots of pictures of my cat!